Before Applying for a Position


       1.  Teachers contact Concord Education to enquire about opportunities

       2.  Nick replies and books informal 20 minute telephone/Skype appointments

       3.  Teachers discuss their situation and preferences with Nick, usually via Skype

       4.  Following this “registration” conversation, Concord completes initial vetting

       5.  Nick emails relevant job descriptions, website and Ofsted links to teachers

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Concord Education is owned and managed by Nick Barton. Nick has worked in education recruitment for 16 years, specialising in candidate re-location since 2006. Nick handles the recruitment of teachers and leaders for schools around England.


The ongoing teacher shortage means that the demand for Irish, Australian, Canadian, American and New Zealand teachers is at an all-time high. Also, more UK teachers are now considering re-locating for the right role. Find out how we support our candidates:



     Securing Employment


       1.  Concord versions of teacher CVs are created and shared with schools

       2.  Teachers confirm interest in original vacancies and any new positions

       3.  Teachers undertake initial school interviews, usually via Skype

       4.  Teachers may be required to come to England for final interviews

       5.  Offers are made, employment is confirmed and vetting completed



     Relocation & Support


       •  Pre-interview advice/preparation and airport pick up where appropriate

       •  Helping organise accommodation, bank accounts and NI numbers

       •  Providing information relating to National Curriculum for all subjects

       •  Providing information regarding courses, teaching resources etc

       •  Introductions to other known re-located teachers in the area



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